SF Bay Area based Celeritas AI is dedicated to developing B2B products powered by the industry’s leading Large Language and Large Multimodal Models (LLMs and LMMs).

30 years in Artificial Intelligence experience

With this expertise, we are able to build workflow suited to our clients needs and delivered in a rapid timeframe. In addition to assembling the workflow and all necessary components to solve enterprise problems in the areas of account service, technical support, internal processes and workflows, training and development, and others, Celeritas AI has also established the infrastructure for hosting these solutions so that they are made available securely to our clients and their customers.

Our Valued Clients

Products for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Celeritas AI also delivers products for small and medium sized businesses of up to 1,000 employees. For a free demo, please go to www.celeritasai.com and tell us about yourself and your small business. Unlike the capabilities of all LLMs, we will send you a tailored service tailored to your small business for you to understand and explore the potential of Generative AI.

Discover the future of what truly integrated AI looks like.

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